Sunday 9 August 2009

Fully fledged tractor driver now!

We've been on hay duties again today. First off we had a spit off to do and boy did she spit, poor Gianmarco's Masterpiece wasn't giving up without a fight though so he went back to his field rather green.

After that we went off to help Alan move some more bales and collect a few more for ourselves. I got a lesson in tractor driving and drove from one pile of bales to another whilst the boys loaded them onto the trailer. Once we got past the first layer I couldn't reach - great excuse to drive instead of humping bales don't you think!

We did manage to nip off to summer fair this afternoon and have afternoon tea on the lawn which was nice.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more relaxing as we are both worn out. Paul is off work next week so he can get to spend some time with the herd.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sometimes its handy to be little !!!..although theres always a ladder to hand round here !!....Jayne