Friday 28 August 2009

Not much to report

Still no movement with Oonagh, however this evening there is a very painful looking bulge that keeps appearing at the back end. Hopefully she wont be too much longer as we are planning to move everyone onto the nice lush grass down the road.

Sarah (sister-in-law) is obviously out of practice with bottle feeding (my niece is growing fast and now has a big girl cup!), Duke was playing with his supper rather than drinking it. I don't think he really wanted it he just didn't want Heidi to have it.

Whilst talking about Sarah, she is in bad books with Paul for not bringing him any of her very nice flapjack -I'm not very good at making it, so she creeps!! Or rather keeps in his good books in case Faith gets too close to him.

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janet said...

Hello Debbie, I think Sarah is creeping to keep in Pauls good books. Hope Oonaugh will have a girl, i am keeping my fingers crossed.I think she will have it Monday