Monday 10 August 2009

A lazy day and afternoon tea

After a very manual weekend bale shifting we have felt rather lazy today, so much so after doing my early morning check and bottle run at just after 5am I went back to bed for a couple of hours.

This afternoon we visited Carol and Dave one of our regular manure collectors to see what good use they put all the manure to. It is definitely a contender for best garden in the intervillage competition if ever I saw one.

Just look at how impressive this veggie plot looks, I can tell you the veg and fruit we came home with is equally impressive - thanks Dave and Carol. We had a nice chat, cup of tea and scones before Paul raided the veg; well that's not entirely true Dave was doing the digging!

During one of our relaxing sessions sat on the seat in the paddock not only did I have Heidi coming to tell me that she was hungry but Duke came too. He is Gabby's son and a real mummy's boy (she seems to breed them that way!), he came to search me for milk. He was looking all over my legs, arms and nose humming away so I thought I'd best keep a close eye on him and Gabby.

He tried a couple of times to get milk from his mum but she wouldn't stand for him to feed which is very unlike Gabby. I couldn't see anything obvious so thought I'd have a proper look at tea time when she came in as she doesn't really like being got hold of. In the meantime I fetched Duke some milk, he took 100ml before Gabby called him off so he ran after his mum.

Having check Gabby over this evening there is no signs of anything untoward, she has milk and no sore bits so I will keep my eye on them. Whilst I was checking over Gabby Duke was trying me again for milk so he had another 150ml which he guzzled in seconds.

I have seen him feed a couple of times but for some reason Gabby only seems to be letting him feed from her left side so it's a case of watch this space I think; he is putting on weight 820gms in the last three days.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a fantastic display of food !!...I would be very proud to have that in my garden....I bet the veg tastes lovely !!......Jayne