Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Final few matings; maybe

Time seems to be a very rare commodity at the minute, and one I could do with more of!
We have been doing what will hopefully be the final few mating of the year (or will it?!), I always aim to finish birthing in August whilst we still have grass growing.
Pressure decided she was ready for a date with Gianmarco at the weekend; naughty Eva is looking over the fence; she obviously hadn't taken then, and was remated to Sunburst.
Diamante took full advantage of her mum being mated to have a good chew on her ear tag - we don't have many alpacas with tags as I don't like them and don't need them to tell who is who.
Diamante is looking fab, her fleece is showing lots of early promise.

Just look at those curls.

Today was the turn of Sahara to be mated, she was mated to St. Patrick but after 6 weeks of spitting decided to sit again, so after a course of antibiotics (she did the same sit spit sit routine last year!) she had been remated so fingers crossed.
Also in the trailer heading to Beck Brow was Sunburst, he had a date with a rather nice black girl Lola, who thankfully seemed much friendlier than early reports of her behaviour on Barbara's blog.  Hopefully for Barbara's sake pregnancy wont result in her old personality returning!
I had a lovely rummage through some cria fleeces whilst I was there, it's always nice to see other peoples fleeces and I would have happily snuck a couple out if I thought I could get away with it :-)


Unknown said...

Great to catch up Debbie.

Wow love Diamanté!

Shirley said...

You should have a 'Guess the caption' competition for the first photo Debbie! Shirley & Robbie