Thursday 6 March 2014

Alive and squelshing in mud!

Eek, It’s been 4 months since my last blog for various reasons, but I’m back; alive and well and with lots for you to catch up on!

Firstly I will apologise for my blog silence and thank those of you who have been in touch to make sure I am still alive.  I  am alive and I will try and make the time to resume my normal blogging service.  I thought I’d better do it because Paul’s threatening to blog about one of his new toys and you know what his blogs can be like sometimes!

I’m actually recovering from surgery on my elbow so am supposed to be taking things easy hence I've found the time to blog, my typing isn't quite up to its usual speed though so I’ll ease myself in gently with short one!

Since my November post unsurprisingly shed number two is complete and fully functional. I've just noticed there is not door on this photo, but it does now have one, or rather two!

It took all of about two days for the girls to christen the floor!!  

Thankfully the bad snow that was forecast never arrived, but we have had our fair share of wind and rain and have the resultant mud and muddy alpacas to prove it.

Two toned boys.......
 And as for the girls......

And thankfully little Mellan isn't part of the show team, not only is he filthy he's tiny but with masses of fleece!

We haven’t bought anything, well not animal wise anyway since I last blogged which on past performance is quite good!  Goatie numbers have increased slightly though as we had two bonus kids born a few weeks ago.

Meet Bobby.

And Bramble, this wasn't quite as straight forward as Bobby's birth hence the blood, she's doing fine now though.

On the alpaca front there always seems to be something going on, I suppose that not surprising now we have just over 100.  We’ve delivered a group of girls to form a new herd, sold a couple of lots of boys and had lots of visits from people wanting to talk alpaca, buy knitwear or enjoy one of our farm walk and talks; even the mud doesn’t seem to put them off thankfully!  Not so sure about me and the alpacas though!!


Rob @ Wellground said...

Good to see your blog back. Hope you feel better from your op soon. The new shed looks stunning. Rob

Unknown said...

Yeah! Great to see a blog and all your updates! Spring is just around the corner - honestly!
When are the first cria due?

Unknown said...

Maybe my mud isn't so bad after all! Thanks for sharing!

See you next week x

Shirley said...

Really pleased to see you back - missed you! Shed looks pretty impressive, hope there is a big door mat to keep it clean inside! Hope the elbow heals soon. Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

Welcome back Debbie! I'm sure that you'll soon be back to full strength...Paul, of course, will be doing all the heavy jobs as well as washing up, ironing and making dinner! Enjoy putting your feet up and milk things for as long as he'll let you!

Rosemary said...

Wishing you a very speedy recovery - I would say keep taking it easy but could lambing be happening soon?!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good to hear from you Debbie, and glad yoou are all well (elbow excepted, hope that improves speedily). Looks like an alpaca party going on in the shed!