Thursday 15 December 2011

Aga sneak preview (Paul)

It has been a rather challenging day at the hill today.

Progress on the paddock fencing was steady but not great as Trigger and I did a great days quarrying (digging out stones) and not a huge amount of fencing.  As he said to me, if it wasn't for the stones, bumps and trees fencing would be easy - wise words indeed!

There are tradesmen all over the house (but not the shed which still remains unfinished) and some working through the night - can't fault the commitment of some of them.

The blue submarine (our new water tank) was 'sunk' late yesterday and to everyone's amazement actually filled up overnight - 10,000 litres filled up overnight - blimey!  No wonder the land is wet as this comes from just one of the 3 springs (that we know about) on our land.  I'm sure there must be an opportunity for a commercial spring water facility (Peckham Spring?!) - I'll have to Google that one and have a word with the farm diversification people...

Right picture time and something vaguely to do with the title.  Remember the Aga arrival picture from a few days ago?
Well just for you, here's a sneak preview of what it looked like less than a day after it arrived and the super Aga people at Walter Dix waved their magic wand:
What do you mean you want to see more?  Stay tuned for the grand unveiling!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Will that be an electric Aga ? powered by the rays of the sun, in sunny Northumberland !! soon as you get that box off !!.......Jayne

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Hi Jayne, spot on!