Monday 5 December 2011

Divven dunch the tractor

We have spent the day on the hill today and are bushwhacked!  We had arranged to get some help with the fencing, Trigger who works for Alan amongst others was coming to sort out the poorly tractor and show us how to use the post knocker.

Typical, we woke to snow; not a good start to the day as we were going to pick up caravan mark two which Ken and Sue Bell had kindly been storing for us (thanks Ken and Sue if you are reading this)!

Despite the snow we did manage to get the van to the hill, albeit a rather slow journey slipping and sliding and dodging a car which had bounced off the crash barrier protecting our fence before going through our neighbours fence and ending up in his field.

We did need Trigger to pull the caravan up the last bit of our 'drive', but it is now in situe and almost ready for occupation.  With the caravan tucked up we moved onto fencing.  I think Paul was having a great time 'playing' with his tractor and new post knocker.  I did take a photo on my phone but for some reason I can't download it.

Instead I took a photo of our new power line, not the nicest view I know but it's very important so we keep admiring it.  I'm sure the novelty will soon wear off! 
And this one is looking to the west

We came away with a number of fence posts and cross bars put up and a few strainers in so things are starting to take shape.

Whilst Paul and trigger were post knocking Dave and I were traipsing up and down the hill with posts and cross bars.  At one point Dave said to me 'Divven dunch the tractor' I think the cold must have gone to his head and he'd switched to some foreign language.

The house is also taking shape, this is the kitchen which has now been painted; things are starting to get exciting now. 


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent progress .....I'm reading this on my phone ! As the battery on the computer has conked out !! Snow and mud ! What a combination !! And what great progress .....Jayne

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

How exciting, great progress even in all that snow, well done, keep up the good work :-)