Wednesday 22 February 2012

My Prince Charming?

What a horrible day it has been here today, driving rain and wind that has never let up all day.

I headed off out on the feed run this morning wearing my waterproof trousers only to find they aren't very waterproof anymore.  So at lunchtime when I went on the sugarbeet run I thought I would 'borrow' Paul's trousers seeing as he wasn't here to dispute.  Serves me right though, I think his let more water in than mine did, so I think on the next trip to Robson & Cowen we need two pairs of waterproof trousers.

One good thing about the torrential rain and water thundering through the drains my brother and I cleared out did prove that they were working fantastically.  It also enabled me to realise why the bottom corner of the weanling's field was getting wet.  Not all of the water was going round one of the bends because the grass had overgrown and a mole hill had appeared.

So off I headed in the rain, spade in one hand and halters in the other as I'd decided to bring the littlies in as it was so horrible.  I was quite pleased with my efforts and the water is now flowing exactly where I want it too.  I did manage to disturb the worlds largest toad - I almost had a heart attack when he jumped up and almost hit me in the face!

The weanling's weren't in the slightest bit bothered by the weather and were all happy in the field, none wanted catching anyway. 

I did decided to bring in Portamento and his mate Cazanova despite their complaints.  Portamento is a complete scruff and just like his mum likes to sit in water so he was soaked so I decided he could come in to dry off!  Both boys seemed very content with there bed for the evening thankfully.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Send Prince Charming up to me .......he is lovely !! Did you give him a kiss then....when he jumped up in your face !! ....Jayne

Unknown said...

Now it's no bad thing if they don't mind the rain Debbie...ours brought themselves into the barn on and off all much so I had to do a lunchtime muck out as well as morning and evening...yes they don't even go out to the loo if it is it was here yesterday too!

Can't beat a bit of spade work!