Friday 24 February 2012

Peep boo

It has been a gloriously sunny day today so I have been busy doing a few outdoor jobs, nice ones for a change!

Anyone who follows our tweets (follow us @BarnacreAlpacas) will already know I was doing a spot of halter training with Brinley and Jam-Packed who were weaned last weekend.  Brinley is exceptionally friendly and follows you round so I didn't anticipate any problem with him and Jam-Packed is also pretty chilled out, however Imala's cria are usually need slightly more encouragement when halter training.

To say it was the first time the boys had had a head collar on they were very good.  Once Jam-Packed realised he couldn't wipe is head collar off on Brinleys back we were off and walking.  We went to the gate and back with was good for first timers.

This afternoon I thought I'd try and get some photo's of the latest knitwear so we can get it into our on line shop.  Trying to find a suitable sheltered spot with a nice backdrop wasn't the easiest thing to do on the side of a hill when the wind was blowing!

I decided that I would use the shelter of the shed but I was soon heard and first Brinley decided to play peep boo.


Closely followed by Jam-Packed!

They were soon 'helping to arrange my props and stick their noses into the camera.

Very nice nose it is too Jam-Packed!

Eventually I decided that the wind and weanling interference was just to great and gave up, this is about the only decent shot I managed in over an hour.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

tsxcLovely photos...I don;t know how you managed to take any this wind...looks like you had some extra cute helpers...!!!....Jayne

oak haven alpacas said...

very pretty!!

Love the alpacas peeking through :)


Rosemary said...

Very nice knitting - I don't know how you have found the time to do any with all the other jobs!