Saturday 1 June 2013

Four babies needing names

Today has been a rather busy one, we had arranged for a couple to come this morning for some husbandry training, however Nicosia and Carina decided that they would like to steal the limelight, so not much husbandry training took place but lots of baby admiring!

Debs and Gary had not long arrived and we let the girls out and in the time it took us to walk up to the boys field and back again Nicosia had given birth to a lovely fawn boy. His rapid birth clearly came as a shock to him so it took him quite a while to get himself sorted and stand, but he got there in the end.

Whilst we were watching Nicosia's baby it soon became clear that Carina was also in labour.  We actually bought Carina unmated or so we thought so this fawn GIRL is a real bonus!  She is a big girl and was soon up and exploring.

Cara's baby continues to do well and has enjoyed some time out in the field when the sun has been shining, here she is having a little run.  We have now decided that we should give her a name and we thought it would be nice to put it out for a vote.

So do we call her Janjan after my mum (Janet) and Jan at Castleside Alpacas who did a great job with her when she was first born (Sorry Phil but I couldn't work Phil into it as well!).  Or do we call her Diamanta meaning diamond like, precious as the rarest gem.  Cast your vote below on and the winner will be announced on Mondays blog.

Finally here is our fourth cria, a lovely Fawn girls from two whites, Little Miss Irraqouy and Gianmarco's Masterpiece.  LMI seems to be making a habit of producing lovely fawns for us.  She also needs a name....


Miriam said...

How about Ginamaria forLittle Miss Irraqouy and Gianmarco's Masterpiece daughter? I've voted for Janjan for Cara's baby as I'm sure there will be lots of more 'diamonds' arriving in the future. Congratulations on all the new arrivals. ps how is Augustus doing?

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I can't make my mind up .. but those babies are looking very lovely there any risk of running out of names ? With your ever expanding herd !! Ive still got a few weeks to think of some !!! Jayne

Rosemary said...

I'm no good with names!
All look lovely - particularly like the fawn boy.