Wednesday 19 June 2013

Warm milk and flippers

Despite the warm weather and lots of milk warming not Freyja, Oonagh or Lualeni have produced today, I spent almost all day in their field poo picking in the hope something would occur, but no, nothing!
I'm pleased to say that my little grey girl who I want to call Ashling meaning Vision or Dream (Paul needs some convincing) is doing great, she is much more up on her feet now and the walking with flippers look is a think of the past.
Whilst I was out with the camera I thought I would get a photo of the little boys who seem to move on mass with two exceptions, James and Azrael who were busy elsewhere!!

They don't seem to be missing their little girlie friends, I though Azrael would miss Liberty as they were always together but he doesn't seem at all bothered; lots of grass is obviously a good distraction!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Love the title! Buttercups seem to be plentiful with you too.

Anonymous said...

They look great. I thought Lilly would miss indigo, she followed him everywhere. Azrael is always elusive ! J