Friday 21 June 2013

Oonagh pops

Bright and early this morning Oonagh decided that today was the day she was going to give birth and she was going to do it before it got to hot.  So shortly after 8am out plopped a lovely little boy sired by Legend of Spartacus, who is currently working hard at Balnuith Alpacas.  In fact when I rang Alison to tell her we'd just had our first Legend baby of the year, the man himself was in the trailer on his way back from an outside mating.
As seems to be customary with all white cria born here, Oonagh chose a nice mole hill to birth next to so the nice bright white cria was soon dust stained!

He was soon up on his feet and at the milk bar, despite Oonagh having an udder that resembles that of a cow he had no problem latching on and took full advantage of lots of fresh milk.

Despite looking a stocky boy he only actually weighs 6.73kg.

He definitely has the look of his full brother Leonidas who is now owned by Pat and Eric.

I was hoping that with her mum giving birth Freyja might have joined in, but no such luck.  I really don't like it when maidens get close to the year mark.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations, another lovely new arrival, Im wondering just how long my maidens are going to carry also, just as long as things are well, its the waiting game .....that makes you wonder !! ...Jayne