Wednesday 12 June 2013

Sunning pink bits

Just a quick update tonight as I really do want an early night, I feel like I could sleep standing up and I am getting rather grumpy tonight so the best place for me is bed!

I'm pleased to say that Cassiopeia seems to responding well to her treatment, so much so last night I had to chase her round to give her her final IM injection, the poor thing has had so many she must be quite sore.

Here she is in her bedroom with Emery (front) my abscess patient, who if you look very closely you might be able to see the gunk on her cheek.
We have had a mixed day of sunshine and showers today, but when the sun came out it was glorious and the girls took full advantage and sunbathing began.  Oonagh, who is on 351 days gestation thought that her baby also needed a bit of sun!!

This is obviously a family favourite pose, this was sister Lualeni last year!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Ha ha! are the Oonagh/Luani family warming the milk I wonder?

Shirley said...

Sleep tight! shirley & Robbie

Bev said...

Hilarious sunbathing photos. Good luck with the patients..