Monday 21 June 2010

A afternoon on the deck chair

I've been a bit miffed today, I won't bore you with the details so I decided to get on with the essential jobs then spend a bit of time in the field with the girls and their babies - that always put a smile on your face and lifts the spirits.

One of said essential jobs was to take Paul to the train station for a meeting, with him out the way there was no need to worry about food for this evening. I thought I could do some knitting in the field. That way I don't feel so guilty, I have a number of events coming up so the stock will be handy. Well Paul always says I spend all day on my deckchair.

It was lovely sat on the bench with my knitting, not that much got done as I kept getting distracted and I'm not a clever as my mum and Carol who seem to be able to knit without looking at what they are doing!

Kazuo and Lucia were regular visitors to the bench and Chiquita came to inspect the scarf I am knitting in her hand spun fleece. I also had Meketaten sat at my feet for quite a while until Layla decided it was time for her to play.

As it has been so hot most of the girls have been laid round the water trough, it is a favourite spot when it's really hot. You'd think they would prefer the shade but the side of the trough must be cool.

Today is Golden Guinea's 5th birthday so he got some birthday carrot which went down well this morning. We now have three cria from him on farm, two browns one boy and one girl and a light fawn boy. All three are growing at a rapid rate which is good, in fact chunky Ochre has put on 8.75kg in 21 days.

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Anonymous said...

About time you had some time on the deckchair, funnily enough I, too, was sat on the deckchair with my knitting at my end! No alpacas round my feet though, just a fat black cat!