Tuesday 8 June 2010

Coming ready or not

We had a trip out planned this morning, more on that some other time though, but I thought Nefertiti was going to throw a spanner in the works.

She is actually due today, based on her previous cria (343 days) and she has milk, in fact her teats seemed to have swollen over night and she was hanging round the poo pile for ages passing the odd 'current' here and there.

Anyway after some time of observation she seemed to decide that the weather just wasn't right and she had gone back to pottering about munching. I think the first nice day and she will maybe think about it again. Looking at the forecast she could have a little wait!

Layla (Willow's baby) has been playing with the other three cria tonight chasing round. It was really funny, she kept up with them no problem but was clearly worn out after a number of laps of the field and just flopped down on the floor, much to Willow's horror. She obviously thought something was wrong with her as she shot over screeching, Layla jumped up and took advantage of her mum walking over and had a drink!

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