Thursday 10 June 2010

One of the sales girls off to pastures new

We have had another busy day today, another man round this morning, that's three this week and then this afternoon we have been out with the trailer.

You may recall me telling you on Sunday that we had had a visit from a lovely couple looking to add a top quality female to their herd. They made a very wise choice and bought one of the elite Aussie girls scanned pregnant to our Supreme Champion stud Legend of Spartacus.

Well today was the day we delivered Cambridge Angelus, who is sired by Jolimont Gianmarco to Wheelhouse Alpacas in North Yorkshire, I will miss her as she's a real character. Her cria which is due later in the summer should be a fantastic addition for her new owners, with genetics including Jolimont Gianmarco, Peruvian Spartacus and Jolimont Commisario.

Angelus was straight out of the trailer to check out her new surroundings, she was so quick out of the trailer Paul almost missed it!

She was soon happy to go and introduce herself to her new friends, then it was on to important business; eating the grass!

We returned home to a surprise which we weren't expecting until the weekend. I'll take a photo for you in the morning.................

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Paul did well to catch a picture !!..she wasn't hanging around was she !!.....excellent result..Im sure that she has a lovely new home !........Jayne