Tuesday 22 June 2010

Wide load

It has been another glorious day here today so I managed to find an hour to sit on the bench knitting with the girls; don't tell Paul though!!

I could feel myself cooking whilst I was out with the muck truck in the girls field, I was that engrossed I didn't see Carol stood at the gate trying to get in! It was only when Ursula went wandering over to show off how much Pearson had grown since they round him in the field for me on Friday evening, that I realised she was there.

Every time Carol comes she has more knitting, she's like super woman with the knitting needles. In a week she has knitting a hat, pair of fingerless mittens, a big long scarf and some baby socks. Dave has also done me some more carding of Mary's fleece - I'd best get spinning it and quick!

Whilst I was out in the field I took a couple of photo's to share with you. This is Casiphia, our Legend and Veruschka baby born on Saturday. We chose the name as it means gleaming silvery white and she is, well was before she acquainted herself with the mole hills! She has a stunning fleece already so we have high hopes for this little (or not so little) lady.
Next up is a photo of Gabby (right) and Imala (left) on a mission. As you can see Gabby is huge, despite still having three weeks to go, if she sticks to her usual time lines. Imala on the other hand always hides her pregnancies quite well. She was scanned empty by the vet however I think he is wrong - maybe it's just wishful thinking but I think she's pregnant. Time will tell as she will be due the day before Gabby of she is.


oak haven alpacas said...

If there isn't a cria in there, something sure isn't quite right. Unless she swallowed a watermelon :)

AngelysuBeau said...

Haha! Good at hiding her pregnancies. C: I stumbled upon your blog and thought that raising alpacas were just precious! So I'm leaving a comment, and I hope to hear more about them!