Tuesday 1 June 2010

Willow update

The weather couldn't have been more different today from that lovely sunshine we all enjoyed yesterday.

Needless to say Willow is still hanging on, she is now at 357 days which is 20 days longer than she normally goes. Willow (the face of our Barnacre Logo) is a compact girl with a very small vulva so I am starting to get a little worried about this baby inside which is obviously growing by the day.

It is a very lively baby spending most of the day poking something out of Willow's side or under her tail. I'm surprised she isn't black and blue, I bet she will be glad to get it out. Although saying that Willow spends the first few weeks of motherhood a nervous wreck chasing after her baby in a panic every time it moves.

It is going to be really interesting to see how her daughter Chiquita takes to a little brother or sister as she is so close to her mum they are never far apart.

The three cria we have had born already are doing really well, Lucia has gained 4.6kg in 11 days which is the biggest weight gain we have ever had in this space of time. At this rate she will overtake Kazou who was a kilo heavier at birth and almost a week older.

We have finally agreed on a name for Kates little boy, Ochre, I think it really suits him.


Unknown said...

Glad that you won that one Debbie...great name!

Rosemary said...

A lovely name, Debbie!
Glad the cria are all doing well.

Patou Alpacas said...

Er hum......pictures please!
(not of the vulva though!)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice name.....I like it !!.....Jayne

oak haven alpacas said...

I have a maiden who is holding out, on day 355 right now. I worry because she's not only a maiden, but fairly small herself. I hope this cria doesn't get too big for her.

XXX that our cria are born healthy and strong very soon!!