Thursday 9 December 2010

A new venue

I'm pleased to report a little bit of thaw has been going on here today which is great news as my parents are hoping to pop up for the weekend to deliver some much needed knitting supplies and bring some Christmas presents. No doubt the later will be for my niece in the main, as all being well (weather permitting) my brother and his family should be spending Christmas with us.

Hopefully it will be warmer than last Christmas when our heating broke, however I have just been talking to a friend who has ran out of heating oil and can't get any delivered until 2nd January; we have been trying to book a delivery all day without any success!

We have been out with the knitwear again today, over to a new venue for us in Sunderland. It wasn't the most successful event we've been to but, at least it means I still have some stock left for the two weekend stalls.

Being out meant that the herd were a little late getting their tea which they were not at all impressed with, there was even more pushing and shoving going on than normal. I wouldn't mind but there is plenty of trough space they just all insist on trying to eat from the one you are filling up!

Time to get back to the knitting......

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Zanzibah Alpacas said... lot do the same at feed time....they follow you to the point of hardly being able to move !!.....glad the thaw has started !!....but it just makes...a mess !!.....Jayne