Wednesday 1 December 2010

We got out!

It is now a week since it begun snowing and there is no let up. We are all fed up with it now, everything is such hard work and takes so much longer when you are having to trudge through two feet of snow.

The wind has also picked up today so the lying snow is starting to drift, at one point when I was looking out of the study window the snow was coming down from the sky and up from the field!

Thankfully all the alpacas seem to be coping remarkably well, as long as they have food, water and some shelter to retreat to, they seem happy enough.

Saying that, this morning during a blizzard Minimus was trying desperately to get his mum to go into the shelter with him but she was happy enough outside. He was humming to her, pushing in front of her and generally making his feelings well known to everyone, except it seems Chiquita. In the end he decided to go and sit with his Grandma, Willow and her daughter Layla who were camped down in the shelter.

As we were running low on human supplies (we've been without milk for two days), we decided that we were going to have to try and dig the car out and attempt a trip to Morpeth. The windscreen was covering as quickly as we could clear it!

We finally managed to get off the drive (after a few sideways slides and a lot of welly) and very slowly we made it onto Morpeth, so I was able to get some food, post some knitwear which had been purchased from our on-line shop and get some petrol for the quad.

Hopefully the postman might make it soon, we've not seen him for a week now and I am waiting for a number of things including Barnacre Knitwear labels which I am desperate for, particularly as the rest of the team (Carol & Dave) are currently travelling back from their holiday in Cuba and Carol is bound to have some knitting for me. They are in for a shock aren't they!!!!


Unknown said...

Good least it gave you a break from the groundhog week :))

janet said...

Pleased to hear you got to Morpeth for some supplies. Hope Carol and Dave get back home alright. I bet they are wishing that they were still in Cuba.Good boy Minimus for staying in the shelter.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a shock.....indeed !! Glad to hear you ventured out !!...and returned...safely .....and Minimus..has the right idea....he's not daft !!......Jayne

Denise said...

We had to get out today as I have an interview for a job! Thankyfully the snow plough had been out and so the roads were not too bad. It was nice to get out though.