Tuesday 30 November 2010

Radio interview and massage

I had a phone call this morning from BBC radio Newcastle wanting me to do another live on air interview with Jonathan Miles. They were wanting to know how we were coping and Jonathan enquired after his friend Loki who sneezed on him when he visited previously.

Things haven't improved on the snow front, in fact its just getting deeper. By this evening when we went to feed the footprints in our pathways had completely vanished from 3 hours previously!

I've had a bit of a treat today, one of our friends is currently doing a massage qualification and wanted a bit of hands on practice. I wasn't too sure about exposing all my wobbly bits, but he was fantastic, I'm glad I did. Thanks Chris, we can both thoroughly recommend your services.

After a relaxing massage it was back out into the snow to hump feed about.

This was Golden Guinea taken yesterday with my mobile, I forgot to take the proper camera with me. He has walked a pathway from his shelter to the gate where he comes to meet me. If it's snow he waits until the last minute and then makes a run for it - he has to beat you there!

And here we have Tilly walking her path
Unfortunately Tilly's path is no more, last night we had major avalanches from the roof and it is now under about 4 and a half foot of snow! Tilly wasn't in it at the time so don't worry.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like you both deserve a treat after all this snow and effort....in keeping those animals..well cared for !.....in this weather !!.....its a never ending battle...!!.......Jayne

Patou Alpacas said...

Wow, now that is real snow!
Hopefully our Postman will keep coming as I've done all my Christmas shopping on line!