Thursday 18 November 2010

Caribbean knitting

It has been a cold but dry day today. Thankfully the wind has helped to dry up some of boys mud a little which is good as Tenzing has been having great fun in rolling in it. He's turned from a lovely bright white to a very mucky looking browny grey!

Tilly, one of the naughty kittens didn't seem to think it was that cold though. This morning I found her wading through the dirty water in one of the water troughs in a resting field. She was soaked and filthy but purring her head off when I picked her out. These kittens certainly are mad.

My parents are still here, they go home tomorrow, although I've told mum she can't leave until she has finished the beret that she is knitting at the minute. Carol keeps calling me a slave driver so I may as well be one!

Hopefully Carol is busy knitting in Cuba as I type, she has taken a few less clothes so she ha room in her suitcase for her wool and needles. That's dedication for you don't you think.


Rosemary said...

Cuban knitting! I expect she will be inspired to come back with something very exciting !

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Carol will probably have a full wardrobe by the time she returns..!!...judging at the speed she knitts.......Jayne