Tuesday 9 November 2010

Rory report

The weather has been truly miserable today so I thought I would cheer everyone up with a nice photo and Rory report.

Rory is my little bottle fed boy, he's not completely dependant on the bottle his mum Geena doesn't have enough milk to fully support her cria. It is not a one off, Geena has never managed to completely feed any of her cria. It is something that we knew when we bought her so it is just part of the routine when it comes to Geena's cria.
Whilst we were up in Scotland last week feeding Rory was one of my mum's many jobs, and what a fantastic job she did of it. He had every single bottle he was offered which is more than can be said for the one day I left Paul in charge a couple of weeks ago!
I promised my mum I would let her know how Rory's next weigh in went, well mum credit to you he gained over a kilo in a week, 1.3kg in 8 days which is very good going for Rory, thank you.
Here he is at the front of the shot with Lady Godiva behind him and little Minimus at the rear, who also put on 800 grams since his last weighing.
Rory will be one of a few boys we will released for sale once he has been weaned in the new year. I never like that bit, but I'm always very selective where they go. He is a lovely friendly boy who has a fabulous fleece which would be great for a hand spinner.


Anonymous said...

Faith says she's going to feed Rory this weekend, with Mummy's help!

janet said...

Hi Debbie, I am really pleased that my little friend Rory has gained weight, he was a good boy. I don,t like the idea of any animal leaving as i get really attached to them too. My little Minimus can,t go.I really like helping with the animals, and looking forward to my next visit. Faith make sure Rory drinks all his milk. xx