Wednesday 24 November 2010

First snow of the season

It was forecast, and it has certainly arrived.

We had snow and hail showers this morning so after we'd filled all the hay and fed everyone I decided to deep bed the girls shelter. Minimus was looking rather cold despite his coat, not that he seemed at all bothered. Sometimes I do feel things worry me much more than it does the alpacas.
The girls certainly liked their nice fresh straw in the shelter and Willow and Layla were straight in there to bag the best spot! Midnight Star decided that she would stand on guard at the doorway and try and stop everyone piling in. Some like Veruschka obeyed others like Ursula barged through regardless.
By 2pm this was the sight out of the study window.
By tea time we had a good covering and by 10pm Gosforth, which is where I'm supposed to be selling my knitwear tomorrow, made the national news! At least people will be feeling cold and want some nice warm hats and scarves with a bit of luck.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Have you ordered the snow...on cue !!....Im sure with this weather..that knitware will be flying off the shelf !!...Wrap up warm....multiple layers of Alpaca Knitware !!.......Jayne

Unknown said...

Good luck with the you say just the weather you want for selling hats aand gloves!

Rosemary said...

Sales should do very well! Good Luck!