Saturday 13 November 2010

Knitting lesson

We have visitors this weekend, my brother and his family are staying. Faith my two year old niece has been looking forward to giving Rory his bottle all week, she's been counting down from two weeks!!

Unfortunately Rory wasn't quite so pleased to see her this morning and refused point blank to take his bottle from Faith and her mum Sarah. Golden Guinea was happy to take the carrots she had on offer though.

I had everyone earning their keep this morning, my brother Colin and I had a big round bale of hay and one of straw that needed moving. No tractors here unfortunately so it was brute force to get them on to pallets.

Faith and Sarah were helping Paul to fill up the mangers with hay, although with all the nice grass on offer at the minute they hay consumption has reduced considerably.
After spending time out in the fields with the animals we moved back in doors and I decided you can never be too young to learn and Faith had a knitting lesson! Well can see that I am going to struggle to keep up with demand for our knitwear so an extra pair of hands will be handy.

I've told Faith now she has worked out how the needles go she needs to get Grannie to show her how to use the wool on Monday when she babysits!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Looks like Faith is getting to grips with the soon !! mind you at this'll need all the extra knitters you can get your hands on !!.....Jayne

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the knitting team Faith!
Aunty Debbie is a slave driver mind you....