Saturday 27 November 2010

Cria coat for a calf

It has been more of the same today, we had another 3 or 4 inches of snow overnight. This is no longer fun; go away we had far more than our fair share last year!

After everyone had been fed and water troughs de-iced (it looks like I'll be carrying water tomorrow as the pipes are all frozen and the troughs are now getting low!) we got the camera out to take a few knitwear shots.

Stock is dwindling rapidly but I noticed a few bits that has slipped through the net and hadn't yet made it onto the website shop.

Photo shoots are always a nightmare, they always end up in an argument. Paul complains about the faces I pull (he expects me to face the sun and keep me eyes open and not squint). I complain at him for not giving me the correct instructions.
Anyway when I down loaded the photos over a cup of tea I'm not sure what is worse some of the faces I'm pulling or his photography skills; he's cut bottoms off scarves and some are blurred. This one does prove that we found something to laugh about at at one point!
We managed to get the photos taken in between the snow showers and blizzards. I actually measured the depth of the snow on the MG that hasn't moved since the snow arrived and it was 12.5 inches!!
Alan, our farming friend popped round this evening to see if I had one of my cria coats that might fit a calf. He had one born a couple of days ago that was looking rather cold and slow. He went away with the largest one I have made, which is florescent yellow so that mum wont be loosing her baby in the snow tonight - assuming they manage to get it on him!
The Christmas Fair I was supposed to be at tomorrow has been cancelled because of the weather which is a bit of a shame, but I don't think we would have made it anyway the roads are just too bad.
As some of the boys were looking a little cold this morning so I decided to move them tonight. The two youngest, Sandstorm and Tenzing are shut in the big shelter with all the hay; which they hopefully wont eat too much of over night. The other four, Legend, Gianmarco, Loki and Hughie have moved into a more sheltered field just in case they decide that one of them isn't allowed in the shelter.
I've just looked out and this is what greeted me.......


Rosemary said...

Now that is an awful lot of proper snow!
Great knitwear and you are looking very glamorous!

Shirley said...

Now thats a serious dump of snow Debbie - please keep it in the south! Stay warm. Shirley & Robbie

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Yes......who mentioned...snow..!!Looks like you have plenty down there....mind you...I have even more up this rate I'll not get out of the house.....I think Ive got a bit of digging to do....!! I feel just like last year.....has never gone away....nice knit-ware....hope you are keeping all cosy !!.....Jayne