Wednesday 17 November 2010

Getting there

I got a bit of a shock when I eventually came to blog last night to see Paul had already beat me to it! I was busy doing the Christmas shopping with my mum whilst he was playing with his new phone and we had had a brief pause for a cup of tea and to check our lists. By the end of the day we'd all had enough but I got a fair way through the list.

Thankfully today I have been able to stay here with the animals, shopping is no longer the fun I remember it being. Paul had to head down to London on business so he got a few hours on the phone to play even more on his new blackberry.

I have been busy washing the latest batch of knitwear which will need labelling ready for the busy run of events we are attending in the run up to Christmas. Mum is still slaving over her needles in the lounge as I type.

The courier finally turned up today to collect some fleeces which are heading off to the mill for processing. Hopefully after Christmas I will be able to do some spinning here as the carding that Dave has been doing is mounting up.

Despite Rory not having much bottle lately he has moved into the next size cria coat which is a good sign, Minimus has also moved out onto the next set of press studs on his coat! I will be weighing them all at the weekend so watch this space for an update.

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Unknown said...

Boys and toys...all the same...they are useful for carrying all the shopping bags thou! :))