Tuesday 23 November 2010

Stock doesn't even make the shop!

It was actually dry this morning so in a moment of madness, before we headed off to the hospital for Paul's post op appointment, I removed the two little boys coats as they were rather soggy looking. I then spent the whole time we were out worrying that they might get wet.

Thankfully there was only the odd shower followed by autumn sunshine, until this afternoon that was. Paul also got the all clear from the consultant so no more excuses that he can't do this or that - I will have to get him back to the job list.

I had a very nice lady visiting today, she was looking for some very special Christmas presents to take home to LA. She has bought knitwear from us before and was very impressed with it, so wanted some for her family in the States.

She choose some very nice scarves and managed to treat herself to a lovely shoulder cowl, it is one of our latest designs. It was only labelled up yesterday and hadn't even made it into the shop!

Shortly after my visitor had left it went very black, so I decided to head out to the field to put Minimus and Rory's coats on pretty sharpish. It's a good job I did as I arrived the girls were running into the shelter which meant they too had realised it was about to pour down.

Not only did it pour there were malteaser size hail stones beating down on me whilst I was putting the coats on. Minimus is such a sweetie and stood happily whilst I fastened him in, Rory on the other hand always grumbles and wants to get back to his mum.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

We have also had...huge hail storms and sleet showers on and off all day !......the babies will be pleased of their cosy coats.....Jayne