Friday 12 November 2010

Family album

I have been keeping a real close eye on Chiquita following her periodic limping and am pleased to say that all has been fine. She is looking somewhat rotund at the minute, particularly following the move onto the fresh grass.

Here is a photo Paul took of her earlier in the week, as you can see Minimus certainly isn't draining her condition.
Speaking of Minimus it would be a shame to miss any opportunity to share another photo of him, taken at the same time as his mums. He made us laugh at tea time, despite his small stature he takes no nonsense from anyone. He was polishing off the camelibra and Ursula came over to join him, she wasn't welcome and he started pushing his neck down on hers grunting his dissatisfaction. When she took no notice he stated spitting at her, which she still ignored! An explosion could occur at the side of Ursula mind and she wouldn't bat an eyelid!

Just to complete the family album here is Willow, Chiquita's mum and grandma to Minimus with her female cria from this year, Layla, who has also inherited the same rotund shape as Chiquita.


Unknown said...

Oh Minimus is just sooo cute...I think he deserves a photo entry for The Futurity...a challenge for Paul!

janet said...

Lovely photo,s. Minimus is adorable

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Oh..lovely photos !!..looks like a different place to where I am !!...planet mud !!....the alpacas are looking lovely ...............Jayne