Tuesday 28 December 2010

OK I get the message!

Having been complained at by Paul and now Carol for not blogging over the last few days I thought I'd better find the time.  Especially seeing as Carol has been busy knitting stock ready for next year.  She obviously didn't get upset by the knitting needles I bought her for Christmas!!

I have had a busy but nice Christmas and received some lovely gifts including an extremely nice warm Peter Storm thermal top, very handy indeed.

The alpacas had carrots and a new double lead rope so I can walk two from one rope.  The cats did exceptionally well with lots of edible treats a new bed, shown on the right, which has been claimed by Tilly here showing off her bald patch following her op! 

They also received a nice new scratch post activity centre thing with a little tunnel which has gone down very well with the kittens. 

Like my fellow bloggers the thaw has commenced here, hopefully tomorrow the alpacas will have some grass to chase.  There is now some road visible so it shouldn' be too much longer before there is grass.

Time to get back to the spinning wheel, I hear Dave is carding his way through a very exciting project so I need to get on.


Anonymous said...

I love the knitting needles Debbie and had to try them out, not having knitted with posh bamboo needles before! Aaah aren't those kittens cute - don't know how Paul can resist them???

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like you had a good albeit busy Christmas...the kittens look very cute in their new comfy beds !.....Jayne