Wednesday 2 October 2013

Azrael update

Following Azrael's trip to the vets this morning I thought I'd give you a quick update.  This morning, just  like the last few mornings Azrael's jaw was back to normal, but as it has been swollen by evening the last few nights he was going to the vets anyway.
He obviously knew he was off somewhere not very nice because he refused to walk down the hill, even though I was taking Thor along for company.  He plonked himself down and point blank refused to walk; marvellous!  I didn't want to pull him in case the head collar hurt his jaw so eventually I decided I'd carry him - it's a good job I'm strong!
Next issue Thor clearly thought if Azrael was being carried then he wanted to be and proceeded to sit!  Thankfully he soon remember he had legs and walked down to the yard.
Once at the vets, Sam Prescott agreed with me he didn't look anaemic, no sign of jaundice, his chest and lungs sounded fine, and as I said his jaw was perfectly normal as it was the morning.  Bloods have been taken and we will have to see what they show up.
Can you believe it, tonight is jaw remains fine!!  I'm not complaining because it's good new but why has it been swelling.  Just to show you what it's like tonight, compare this to last nights photo!  Which I had taken to the vets so he didn't think I was insane!!
Whilst I was out on the evening feed rounds I saw one of our local deer families, this is the mum to last years twins who spend a lot of time in our wood I think; in fact they were in there whilst she was in the neighbouring paddock.  She is looking rather thin.


Rosemary said...

Hope Azrael remains without a swollen jaw!
You must be very fit carrying him - hope it was all downhill!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Those weight-lifting sessions paid off! hope the improvement in Azrael lasts.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news j and c and the titlington boysx