Monday, 7 October 2013

Ooh look who arrived today.

As usual we seem to have had a none stop weekend, Saturday was lamb delivery day which seemed to take so much longer than it should have done, but it needed to be done, fresh lamb must be fresh!
Sunday we began by putting up a temporary fence so we can take down some of the fencing we have been erecting over the past 18 months; well it is in preparation for of nice new barn which should be up and functional before winter arrives.
Then today it was over to see Barbara at Beckbrow to remate Sahara who is being a complete pain, she was mated some time ago and took and held for a number of weeks only to drop the pregnancy, then following her mating a couple of weeks ago she ovulated but did get pregnant, so third time lucky!  So a month later than I had planned we did our last mating of the year - I'm not changing my mind this time!!
We were also picking up one of our purchases from Anzac, Dreamweaver, who is from Shalimar and has Highlander and Commisario in her pedigree (and her cria from Czar).  She had at Barbara's to be mated to Explorer.
After a quick pedicure and weighing the girls were heading off to join one of the quarantine groups.  Dreamweaver spotted the main herd on the way up!
I was wondering if Pressure would be pleased to see her old mate, as you can see the two new girls proved popular when they arrived. 

Ashling (grey cria) was in full show off mode on the return journey!

Was Pressure pleased to see her old mate; obviously not that bothered as feeding Diamante was much more important.

And Asher was far too hungry to be interested in new arrivals!!

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Unknown said...

What a welcome. Great photos! Another two lovely additions for Barnacre!