Thursday 10 October 2013

Out with the camera

It has been a real mixed bag of weather today, one minute lovely sunshine the next torrential rain and gale force winds.  I decided to leave the show team out, but listening to the rain on the window I'm now regretting that discussion!
I have also been thinking long and hard about some of the young boys, we held some back who were potential stud grade and I think I have now made the decision to put two of them up for sale, Delgardo and Luca.
Delgardo has some fantastic Bozedown genetics including Rodrigo as his sire and Tudor and Galaxy on his dams side.  His 1st fleece was classified as ultrafine at 17.6 micron, SD4 and 100% comfort factor.
Luca, who refused to pose alone for the camera (photo to follow!) is from Cambridge Navigator and also has some very impressive names in his pedigree including Peruvian Spartacus and Accoyo Remarque.  His first fleece stats were also ultrafine at 16.7m SD of 4.1 and 100% comfort factor.
I now need to get their sales pages up on AlpacaSeller before I change my mind!
Whilst I was out trying to get some boy shots I thought I'd get a few girlie ones that I know one excited couple will love to see.



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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

I'm glad you find some difficult to photograph alone too. Sounds like some nice boys to consider.