Thursday 17 October 2013

Is she, isn't she?!

 It's actually more a question of when?!

Lucia, one of the grey girls who joined us back in the summer was supposed to be emptied, so after being sheared she was mated to Sunburst.  She was in fact mated twice as she didn't ovulate, which didn't really come as a surprise as she's not has a cria for a few years now.

We scanned a batch of girls including Lucia last month and great news she scanned positive.  We did a big batch at various stages but there were no comments made about any way out dates although the vet was using fancy new kit and we were getting some great pictures.

Now this is were things start to get interesting.  Lately her shape has been changing and she is spending more time sitting down and just look at the shape of her!

Today she is exactly 80 days pregnant?!  There is an awful lot of movement going on in there for 80 days.............

As well as keeping a close eye on LL (Lucia has a nickname!) there are lots of other exciting things going on here at the minute and this bit of concrete is one of them.  You wouldn't believe how excited we are about this and a few other bits of concrete!!!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Another new Barn & Baby!! I bet you cant wait .... Jayne

Unknown said...

I'm going for it being wind and a cria in the summer....well that's is what I am hoping for you.

Coppidthorne Farm said...

I spent months watching a large fluffy tummy this year on a spitty maiden only to discover it was just a fluffy tummy..

let me introduce myself, I keep alpacas (amongst other things) on the Isle of Wight.