Wednesday 13 August 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Isla

 Today we have celebrated a day, at one point, I never thought we would, Isla's 1st birthday.  Back in January Isla broke her leg, we were able to see from our CCTV that she had been pushed (not really with any great force) again the ring feeder, and that was enough to break her leg.

Thankfully we have a fantastic vet in Sam Prescott at Robson & Prescott and following xrays she was soon in plaster and appearing none the worse for her ordeal.

As a growing cria we had to change the plaster after about three weeks as it was starting to get tight, but after six weeks and another xray the plaster was removed.  Just to make sure it was ok she was on box rest for a few days but she seemed perfectly happy.  Then on day four I went to give her and mum Bambi their breakfast only to find Isla holding her foot up which was one again swinging in mid air.

Back to the vets we went, another set of xrays revealed that not only had the leg broken again in exactly the same spot but the bone was starting to waste away.  Now we had a decision to make, there was no way I was giving up on her and Sam was prepared to do whatever he could to save her leg, so it as decided that she would be booked in for surgery the following day to have a metal plate fitted.  So home she came with a hugely bandaged leg to prevent any further damage!

Nil by mouth for a six month old isn't much fun because milk is the cure for everything, so she had to come in away from mum but quite enjoyed exploring the house.  

And checking the table for breakfast!

The operation went well, plate fixed and bone graft completed Isla came back home 3 hours after surgery and has never looked back!  Here's her fancy metal work.

And three days later she was back for a wound check and we got to see the site for the first time.  It was fantastic, clean and looking good.

So good she as allowed home with just a small dressing.

I was paranoid for weeks, in fact if I'm honest it was months, I didn't halter train her until recently because I was worried about it getting knocked or bashed.  As you an see she has a perfectly straight leg and walks very nicely on the halter too! 

The plan is for the plate to stay in her leg long term but it is something we will have to monitor, but early indications are you'd never know it was there!


Unknown said...

Great story with a happy outcome. Well done! X

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wow .... Happy Birthday Isla !
What a journey you've been through together & well done the Vets for their expertise and willingness to persevere ...what a lovely outcome and hopefully you can relax a little now she's all grown up ! Jayne

Rosemary said...

Lovely story, Debbie - Isla is looking good now!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog. happy birthday Isla : ) x

Shirley said...

Gee whiz - what a journey you guys have been through with Isla! Well done on fantastic care. Shirley & Robbie