Thursday 7 August 2014

Nelson and a shiner

Regular readers may recall just over two weeks ago we had a little black boy born who w called Nelson, well Nelson has been causing me some serious worry lately.

The weekend before last, when it was seriously hot and at one week old I found Nelson stood in one of the paddling pools not quite right, he was just staring ahead looking like he was away with the fairies. 

On inspecting mum I could see he'd not fed from her in a while as her teats were big so down to the shed they both came.  I was convinced he had heat stroke, but his temperature was normal, but he was far from normal.  He had lost 300grams and was very listless, I couldn't get him to feed off mum, despite all my best efforts I couldn't get him to suck on a bottle either so in the end I was forced to tube fed him.  If I didn't he certainly wouldn't have made it through the night.

By 2am he was stood feeding from mum all be it only very small amounts but he was looking slightly better.  By morning he was looking more with it however the next issue was his poo.  He was passing pure liquid, a horrible grey colour.  Literally as soon as he had a drink it went straight through him.

I managed to catch a sample in my hand; don't worry I did have a glove on at the time, unfortunately for Craig (one of our clients) he was in the vicinity when I caught it so he got the job of drawing it up into a syringe, there wasn't much and I didn't want to lose any! Off it went to the lab for testing.

In the meantime Nelson has lost more and more weight despite appearing to be ok in himself.  All the test have come back completely clear of parasites and bugs, cultures have been grown and nothing.

We have been trying all sorts to try and line his stomach and try and get his gut working again before he goes too far backwards there is no return, by Tuesday he was down to 5.27kg.  I don't give up and thankfully nor does my vet; as well as his precautionary antibiotics he is now on some horrible green powder (meant for small herbivores) mixed with tagemet and natural goats yogurt and despite having to feed it through a syringe and getting very messy I think we might have had a break through.

Yesterday he gained 40grams, not a lot I know but it was the first day for over a week that he hadn't lost.  Today he had  gained a huge (for him) 180grams!!!  I'm hoping we have now turned a corner.

Nelson isn't the only one who's been in the wars lately, I have a little owey of my own!

Last night I got kicked in the face by Gypsy, not intentionally I just happened to get in the way of her foot!  Thankfully she just missed me eye so no permanent damage I just have a bit of a shiner to walk round with for the next week or two!!!  Tonight my eye is now open so it's getting better.


Shirley said...

Sorry to read of Nelson's problems, hope you get him sorted out. Our Faro is having continuing gut problems too and we're trying a probiotic to try and get it working properly. And the eye......ooops!! Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

Wow Debbie that is one shiner ....ouch!

Good luck with Nelson. Let's hope that he has turned the corner with the weight gain.

Judi B said...

Hope Nelson soons turns the corner. Maybe sporting such an injury goes with the easy, just startle someone and POW! Hope it wasn't toooo painful and is soon history...well. till the next time!!

Unknown said...

Ouch! I feel for you!

There looks a definite improvement in that second picture of Nelson. He looked so small and poorly last Saturday. I do hope he makes it.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

ooh, that's a selfie you don't want the opportunity to take - good luck with Nelson - (you need to borrow Nelsons eye-patch!)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ouch !! Poor you and hope Nelson is doing better ..... Kaolin powder is good to stop the runs, it's an old fashioned recepie, might be worth a try. You can also get some 'Gobiotic' (Homestead Farm Supplies) it's a freeze dried probiotic for goats and camelids. But just wondering if he is so young his ruemen wouldn't be developed just yet .... Also Ceto Phyton is good for adding condition it's a liquid feed I usually try and keep them in the cupboard coz you never know when you need them. Hope these suggestions might be of some help .......Jayne

Rosemary said...

OOH, Debbie! Just catching up with blog reading so a bit late - - but hope that eye is better now! and Nelson of course.