Monday 4 August 2014

Slugs n snails verses Sugar n Spice

In between scrubbing the shed floor after sheep shearing yesterday and skirting alpaca cria fleeces I've been doing a spot of cria watching; well I need something nice to do after those two jobs!

The difference between the boys and girls is already very evident, the boys are always looking for mischief, these 7 here are all boys and the chase usually ends up with them bombing into one of the girls or a mass brawl.


This time it was the brawl, with auntie Barbilla turning her head in disgust!

Whilst all this is going on the girls are looking all delicate and munching, and if your name is Pixie it's on thistles.

Or if your name is Eris you are smiling for the camera!

We are up to 23 cria on the ground with 5 (or 6 depending on Sahara!) to go.  Marne (below) should be next as she is now of 371 days, but looking at them Geena will beat her to it!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring......


Shirley said...

These youngsters certainly look full of life - and mischief! Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

Interesting these long gestations, wonder what is causing it. Have had a search around the Internet and there do seem to be a lot more recently! When we had a 370 day one a few years back, it was very uusual but now...they seem to cook for so much longer! Our long gestations haven't always landed huge crias either, how about yours? Good luck with the rest of your "deliveries", hope all goes well!