Saturday 22 August 2020


 All Faiths own work, including the photo's!

It is so nice to be back in the countryside and be with the alpacas. They make me feel so calm and I don’t want to ever leave. The smell is so sweet that I feel as if I am breathing for the first time in ages.

 I arrived last night and I have already done so much. I have met Ziyad, watched Endeavours Physio, seen a mating and more. I am going to be writing a blog everyday while I am here and I will tell you all about the things I have done that day.

Meeting Ziyad was funny. We were on the morning feed round feeding the girls and there was a baby alpaca trying to eat my shoe laces, this was Ziyad. Ziyad seems to of made friends with a dog called Sidney.

The mating lasted for about 15 minutes and was with Shaylee and Aramist. Shaylee was proving hard to catch until she suddenly decided that she would sit down for us, thank you Shaylee. Aramist tried to get on any girl he could and then he got on Shaylee the wrong way round, we got there in the end though.


After the cottage guests left and the cottage had been empty for three hours we had to deep clean the cottage before the next guests arrive. I helped with this by striping one of the beds, using antibacterial wipes to do the light switches and the banister. Cleaned the sides and other people did the hovering and bathroom, made the beds and everything else needed to make sure you stay is as safe as possible.

I will do another one tomorrow and tell you about some other things I do to help on the farm.


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Shirley said...

Hello Faith,

Glad you are enjoying your time on the farm - you've been very busy and seen lots of things already. Well done on keeping the blog going, we look forward to reading all about your adventures! Take care.

Shirley & Robbie
Tigh Mhor Alpacas,
near Inverness