Friday 28 August 2020

Scared half to death!

Hi, today I was nearly scared to death by Aramist while on my way to give Endeavour his bottle, saw the deer from afar and done indoor jobs.

As indoor jobs I have finished weighing the wool and done some labels for knitwear that you can find in the shop on the Barnacre Alpacas website or in the shepherds hut if you are coming for a walk and talk.  I love my alpaca things, they are so soft and cosy. 

As I said I was nearly scared to death by Aramist because I was walking towards the shed to give Endeavour his bottle and I saw Aramist in the middle of jumping over the hurdles. Totally forgetting that I my phone in my pocket, I ran as fast as I have ever ran in my life back to the house to tell my Auntie. Only then did I remember that I could of just rang her.

I saw the deer out of the shed in the distance, sorry if the picture isn’t great.

I will write another tomorrow, bye.


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