Tuesday 25 August 2020

Wet weather jobs

Hi, as it rained today so I helped with indoor jobs. I helped with some adoption packs and I have started weighing the wool that is used to create knitwear.

With the adoption packs I have helped by printing things of and laminating them too. Why don’t you by one as a present for someone or just treat yourself, you get some great photo's and the babies are soooo cute.


I have started to weigh the wool to make sure that we know what we have got and what we are running out of.  It's really good to see the animals fleece made into the wool.  I've got a head snug and cowl which are really warm and cosy for winter.

 I also fed Ashling her speedibeet at lunch, I also gave Endeavour his bottle today.


I will be back tomorrow with another blog about what else I do to help my Auntie and Uncle at  Barnacre Alpacas.


P.S. I nearly forgot, yesterday we had two escaped boys so we hade to catch them and put them back where they were supposed to be.

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