Friday 2 April 2010

A big hitch!

Well I did warn you Paul was on IT duties today. Unfortunately the new pc will not connect to the Internet; we need a new router or something technical!

Needless to say we are back to the old very slow machine and Paul is not a happy little Ester bunny (hopefully he wont read this).

We have had a bit of a lazy day today, we are both really tired so it's an early night for us tonight.

We had a walk over to Alan's lambing shed today to see how things were doing. This involves a walk over the new footbridge over the river, the old one got washed away in the floods 18 months ago. This bridge is about five or six foot above the river, depite this with all the rain we had in the week the water had obviously been over the bridge as there was loads of straw and debris wedged in the sides!

My little foster lambs were doing just fine, the two longer term lodgers remembered me. The little boy who was at deaths door when he arrived was very pleased to see me, I get the impression he was not too keen with his new mum.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ahhh...bless..the little lambs...its 2 weeks ans counting !...and you'll be saying Bye Bye to Duke !...and I'll be saying a big 'Hello' !.....Jayne