Tuesday 6 April 2010

Just a short one

Just a short blog tonight as I'm shattered and waiting for a phone call from my mum with an update on my dad who has had to go to hospital this afternoon.

I felt sure that Pepper (the sheep) would have given birth this morning, she was giving all the right signs yesterday. I was up and in the field before six to find her happily munching on grass with no sign of any lambs. At this rate Mia will beat her to it.

Thankfully it has been dry here all day although rather overcast and windy which has helped to dry things out a bit. It should be dry enough in the morning to get out with the muck truck all being well, I hate it when I can't clean up.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Hope your Dad's o.k Debbie, regards, Dave.

Rosemary said...

Best wishes for you Dad.
Hope all is well.

hilaryc said...

Best vibes for your dad,