Wednesday 14 April 2010

Towing something different

Just as I was finishing off the morning feed run I got a call from Paul, this is never a good sign because he only ever phones me from his mobile if there is a problem.

Today was no exception, he had broken down on the way to work. Luckily he was in the MG so I was able to go in the big car and tow him to the garage. Rather he towed me - bad move number one. He seemed to forget that I was attached to him with no power steering and brakes that were like pumping concrete, not to mention attached by a rather short tow strap!

Bad move number two was he had left his phone in the MG so when I tried to call him to tell him to slow down his phone which had a ring tone of a siren went off at the side of me and I thought I was being pulled over by the police!

Having failed with phone contact I thought I would gesticulate in his general direction which he didn't notice. There was no point in flashing him because the MG is so low down and the Honda is high up that wouldn't work. Honk the horn, that's bound to work - no, Paul was also deaf this morning.

When we stopped at the A1 roundabout I thought for a split second that I would jump out of the car and bang on his window but then thought knowing my luck he wouldn't notice and the lights would change as I was getting out.

Anyway we made it to the garage and £180 lighter on the bank balance we now have a working car again.

And, just for the record; still no lambs!

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