Friday 23 April 2010

Seeking shade

I have had some very hot alpacas today, Mary and Geena our black girls have been in the field shelter a fair bit seeking some shade.

Imala has a sore armpit which I have been trying to sort out over the last week or so. She had obviously scratched it on something. Because she is fully fleeced and hot despite lots of blue spray it hasn't really been drying up, it doesn't help that as soon as it starts to scab it itches and she rubs it again.

Alan my farmer friend offered some advice, in fact he gave me a different spray to try which he had had good results with on one of his beast a little while ago that had a sore having had a horn removed. I am pleased to say that it seems to be doing the trick nicely.

Imala is a very placid girl and stands well whilst I check and spray. She's not daft she knows she gets a little treat afterwards too, either carrot or apple which always go down well.

It was very pleasant cleaning the girls field today in the glorious sunshine although I have been cursing the muck truck. It just didn't seem to have as much suck as normal. I eventually found a split in the pipe which was obviously the problem.

We do have a spare pipe so I will get that changed tomorrow and finish off the job properly. Paul is at the football, but I'd much rather be picking poo!

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Shirley said...

Hi Debbie, Any spare sunshine would be welcome around the Inverness area at present! Enjoyed seeing you and Paul with the good looking Duke on Jayne's blog recently. Take care. Shirley & Robbie