Wednesday 22 December 2010

Don't mess with me

The countdown to Christmas is really on now. I have visitors arriving tomorrow and the house still looks like a tip, the beds aren't made and I still haven't prepared the Christmas day menu - it's in my head just not on paper!

I have now wrapped all my presents with the help of Smudge (the cat) who insisted on sitting on the wrapping paper.

Paul took the car in for an MOT this morning and gave Mrs T a lift to Morrison's. I thought I'd leave my food shopping until tomorrow although from what everyone is saying this may have been a bad move.

The alpacas were all in high spirits today, I think they must be getting excited at the though of Santa visiting.

Minimus had Paul and I in stitched this afternoon, the was having a disagreement with Imala. He has this habit of sneaking in underneath people to the troughs and then defends his space like the best of them.

Well today I'm not quite sure who was entering whose space but they started pushing each other necks and Imala being at least four times Minimus's size and weight she started pushing him along the snow. He had his legs spread, head back spitting away at her, it was so funny.

I'm slightly concerned, my mum and Carol have been exchanging emails over their knitting quotas for next year; I'm slightly concerned as they've stopped copying me in!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Debbie you could be pleasantly surprised by the exchange of emails between me and your mum.......or are we just doing our own thing.....? Time will tell.
Keep mum, Janet!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Chill out.....sounds like....its going into Christmas overload....never mind the knitting ....let them get on with it...sounds like you have enough to do...without worrying about the knitting !!....Have a Wonderful Christmas.......Jayne