Saturday 23 April 2011

All change

Our new baby continues to do well, she is still down on her pasterns but is now finding it easier to control her legs.  Lualeni is a very proud and protective mum, but she is grateful of a little help from her big sister Oonagh who is regularly on guard of the new baby.  She has gained some weight too, and is now 6.2kg and looks chunkier already.
We haven't agreed on a name yet, names are something that always cause great debate here.  I have made my suggestion but Paul is complaining that it's another name ending in an 'a', but he hasn't come up with any other decent suggestions. 
We have been on land management duties today, the girls got fresh grass which in turn meant that they boys could all move too.  A major clear up operation then followed, cleaning, cutting and harrowing of the used paddocks just in time for showers which arrived shortly after we'd finished.  The grass will be very grateful of a bit of rain, and what perfect timing.


Shirley said...

What about 'Bonnie' as a name, Debbie - because thats what she is! Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

She looks lovely, Debbie - whatever her name is!

Unknown said...

She looks lovely and so bright.

Are you not letting Paul loose on some names this year Debbie (has he still got Conker up his sleeve I wonder;)