Sunday 17 April 2011

Day of rest?

So much for Sunday being a day of rest, not here.

As we drove to our fields we stopped off to check a couple of Alan's sheep fields, one of which our girls are in and he'd beaten us to it, he was already doing the rounds on the quad.  So after a walk up to say morning to our girls and check on Mocha's lambs we headed back to Angerton to check and feed all the alpacas.

After the feed run we had a very exciting meeting to head off to, which we needed some expert advice on.  It was very successful and I hope to share the outcome with you very soon. Paul won't let me tell you just yet but if you guess then that's different.

We had time for a quick return to the mouse house for some lunch, so whilst I was doing the scrambled eggs (the hens are laying like crazy at the minute), Paul strimmed the lawn.  We only have the ride on mower or the flail mower for the back of the quad which would be a bit overkill for our postage stamp lawn.

After another check on the sheep we took Alan out for a little drive, he has a wealth of knowledge we wanted to tap into.  As if the Thompson's haven't done enough for us today Margaret insisted that we stay for dinner tonight - very nice it was too.  I think we should have moved in there rather than rent the mouse house.

As well as everything else we also managed to do the girls toe nails and I'm please to report everyone behaved very well, with one slight exception; yes you guessed it, Kate.  She was good whilst Paul held her only to turn round and show her dissatisfaction as she left the pen; showers all round then!

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Anonymous said...

I think that's a better idea too of staying at Margaret's though I've never seen the mouse house.......
Thought you were busy before but now you seem busier!!!!! How did that happen?