Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Technology, or lack of it

I was really touched to read that I'd been missed following my last post, thank you.  Well there is still no broadband, but fingers crossed there will be dongle connection for long enough to type this blog.  I am feeling very out of circulation at the minute, it's amazing how much you use the internet without realising.

I have been rushed off my feet what with one thing and another since I last blogged, sadly due to the lack of technology I've struggled to keep you posted but hopefully I will be able to fill you in over time.  Our broadband should have been connected today but shock horror, flashing lights on the router and no internet!

I've been lambing for Alan for a couple of weeks now which I really enjoy, although it's exhuasting.  My sheep have still to lamb; they are always late as they don't like mixing with 'wild' sheep so steer clear of the tup for as long as possible.

Today I've been on tractor duties, I was hoping to share some photo's but the dongle doesn't seem to want to let me.  I have been rolling one of Alan's fields with his nice big shiney red tractor.  I was quite pleased with the stripes.

All the alpacas are looking extremely fluffed up at the minute and the girls reaching the latter stages of their pregnancy are positively blooming.  Willow is looking exhausted and she's not due until the end of next month.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to hear from have been missed !!....the Barnacre banter has been silent, hope that technology is soon restored !....Jayne

Unknown said...

We only have snail pace broadband, and that likes to go down on a regular basis...but I would hate to be without it. You have my sympathy (as I am typing the words are appearing after a 30 sec delay!!)

At least you have a Blackberry for emails...imagine no cyber contact at all;))

Good luck getting back to blog world full time very soon.

Shirley said...

Broadband? We get ours second hand after you guys use it all up before it gets across the border!
Dongle? Sounds like something stuck to the bottom of your wellie! Good to read your blog again. Shirley & Robbie

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good to hear from you guys, all the best.

Rosemary said...

Great to hear from you - just catching up on blogs!