Monday 18 April 2011

It's a long long road

After a busy weekend which included a manicure for the girls this morning when I arrived many of them were stretched out admiring their nice new toe nails.

All was well on my morning sheep rounds, there was just one ewe in the pens that still didn't like her adopted lamb so it was back in the stocks for her.  She is a rather wild hog and not at all happy about being confined, her little lamb was very pleased by me restraining and soon tucking in to suckling his breakfast.

The first few alpacas that are due to birth are really finding it hard work, Mary is hardly leaving the shelter.  I'm not sure if it is because the feed is being stored in there or the fact that she is too hot or she just feels to fat to move too far!

When I went to give everyone their tea this evening one of Alan's sheep was out on the main road again with her twin lambs.  I bet it is the same one that was out at the weekend.  It is a twisty windy road with a number of motorbikes on it so I needed to get them back in before there was an accident.  Thankfully after a couple of cars just drove past me staring an old neighbour drove past and stopped to help.  The sheep had walked so far round the road I put her in a different field so hopefully she won't find her way out of this one.

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