Sunday 4 August 2013

Producing and reproducing

It's been busy, busy, busy again and I've failed to blog, so I thought I'd better rectify that now!

The trailer seems to have been out and about almost daily, I'm sure a van would be much easier.....

We delivered Indigo (our young grey boy from Kate & Loki) off to his new home up towards Wooler, despite moving in with 5 'big boys' some of our 2011 boys Indi seems to be holding his own - well from Kate you'd expect nothing else!!!

Speaking of Kate, she is now carrying special cargo.  She has been scanned pregnant to our multi grey champion Sunburst, so we are really excited about this!!  This should be the first Sunburst cria, we have a number of girls spitting off to him now.

He has been out and about visiting ladies too, before he got to see one girl on Saturday he had to spit off her friend who he'd seen a little while ago; she spat which was great news.

Golden Guinea our brown stud and dad to our brown champion sisters Meketaten and Anka has also been out to see some outside ladies.  He is a really ladies man so has been in his element!!

There have been no cria born here since I last blogged, despite Geena looking very fed up and being overdue.  However Sandstorm has had another cria for Castleside, this time a white boy with Palm-Olive.  I've not seem him in the flesh yet but Jan kindly sent me this photo.

Today has been another manic day, annual sheep shearing day.  Last night Paul and I were out rounding up the sheep, it was like one man and his dog; unfortunately I was the dog!  The girls were pretty well behaved actually and it wasn't too painful.
Shearing one of the blackie girls revealed some nasty maggots, thankfully Crovect is fantastic stuff and soon draws out and kills the horrible things.  She didn't even have a dirty back end, they were on her shoulder.


Rosemary said...

Crovect is something I never want to be without!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like a busy busy time for everyone at Barnacre, hopefully a little bit of quiet time would be a real treat ! Jayne

Unknown said...

I wonder if Paul thinks that he has his dog well trained...or is the dog really in charge;)

Raining here so hopefully no births. But no Pressure!!